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How To Get Rid Of Tree Stumps After a tree is cut, the area surrounding looks cleaner, obstruction is removed and this makes it an ideal choice for any compound. The process of cutting down trees leave stumps lying across the compound which give unpleasant site to the homeowner or the compound users. Removing the stump after the tree is cut is the most appropriate step to ensure the compound remains clear and free of any risk to the persons or animals using the compound. Stump removal is more complex compare to cutting down the tree raising the need for service providers. Stump removal contractors have the right tools and expertise for the task while observing safety of the surrounding and the residents. Before a stump is removed, a comprehensive study must be undertaken by the service providers. This is done to ascertain the extent of work required to fully remove the stump completely. An old stump is easier to remove when compared to a young one. The age of the stump in this case is based on the time taken from when the tree was cut to the time of stump removal. The size of the stump also determines its ease of removal. Removal process is designed through use of these considerations. Professional stump removers use different approaches. The common method applied is to dig the stump out of the ground using an appropriate method. It entails creation of a large hole around the stump and cutting off the roots. After the stump is removed, the hole is refilled with soil to give it the same level as the rest of the compound. Alternative methods of stump removal include use of chemicals such as a mixture of sodium nitrate and water. The chemical leaves a spongy stump which is easy to remove using an axe or burning to ashes.
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After removing, disposal sets a big challenge for homeowners. Understanding of the local authorities regulations is important when considering how to dispose the removed stump. Disposal options for the removed stump include loading it to garbage trucks or carting to designated locations in accordance to the stipulated regulations by local authorities.
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Service providers use different costing methods to determine the cost of stump removal. Costing is mainly based on the size of the stump alongside other factors. Carting away the removed stump by the service provider attracts extra cost alongside the initial cost of removal. Stump removal service providers offer ideal ways to keep the compound clean. They are easily available and have the tools required for a satisfactory job. The compound looks much better and is safe for residents and animals within after an extensive process of stump removal. Identification of an ideal service provider requires simple use of directories or seeking referrals from neighbors.

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