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Say Goodbye to the Old and Say Hello to the New Car

You have noted with concern and disappointment on your part that except you everyone else you know is making trips in a brand new car. Looking at your garage the only thing that meets your eye is your old car staring back at you. The little courage that you manage to gather is brought to naught at the sight of the cars parked beside yours. Your bank balance is telling you that purchasing a new car is detrimental for your bank health. The thought of falling into debt doesn’t exactly appeal to you. They might have money but you have the brains to acquire the same experience at relatively lower rights. No one does it better than you when it comes to having more for less.

The initial step of giving an old car a new feel is giving it a good wash. Part of why it looks so old is the fact that it hasn’t seen a good scrubbing long since you can remember. Grease , dirt and stains might have made a habitat of your car following what you would fondly term as a cleaning break. Lets face it very few people love cleaning but with good music along with it ,everything is forgiven. The cleaning should be executed in all the areas in your car that are in desperate need of it. This means that the carpets and mats are in for a good brush or replacement if necessary. If you are a pro then taking out your car seats and giving the underneath a good scrub will do wonders for you. Cleaning you car’s rear and tires only add to the enhance the cleaning experience.

Painting can perform miracles on your car. The best part is that you don’t have to be the one getting your hands dirty. If personalization works for you, buying a neutrally colored used car might be the best option and you can have it painted to your specification. Cars that display elegant shades are often considered more classy. If you could get your headlights to shine then go for it. If they have failed the best course of action is to have them replaced with recycled ones or new according to your taste. Unless they pay close attention nobody’s going to notice the difference in the leather- like feel of your cover seats and real leather which makes them a must buy.

If you are disappointed with the analogue radio system that you have you can rest easy in the fact that it can be replaced . You can insert a touch screen and radio system complete with blue tooth streaming to make it accessible from your phone. With this you can be assured of being in charge of the music that you play. With every piece coming together snugly there is no way you’ll be left out in the hype.

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