All Natural, Gluten Free, Cruelty Free Beauty Products

The cosmetic and hygiene industry has been booming when it comes to all natural products that are safe to use and safe for the environment. People are becoming more self-conscious of the environment around them and with the widespread use of social media many consumers are learning hidden truths to the brands that the once coveted. It is actually rather surprising to discover that many consumers did not know PETA friendly lists even existed prior to the outing of many big label brands. Once you view those horrific videos it can be difficult to then go cuddle with your furry fiend without thinking about the animals that are trapped in lab cages for pointless testing all to have the most coveted wrinkle reducing lotion or the newest whitening tooth paste.

With this social media tide turning awareness a new type of beauty and hygiene has emerged. The once forgotten brands that have always steered clear of animal testing are now becoming the popular go-to brands. These brands are extending their product lines to include large arrays of products that help with pores, wrinkles, dark spots and all types of skin ailments in addition to their ever growing color and product cosmetic lines. Many of these brands are also branching out and offering holistic body care products that include body wash, shampoo, conditioner, hair color, tooth paste and mouthwash.

Staying true to not testing on animals has been a main focus on these all-natural brands but they also have embarked on allergy awareness products. The rise in popularity amongst food allergies has limited an entire portion of the population from using personal hygiene and cosmetic products because they may contain gluten or certain dyes that are instant skin irritants. Health food stores have taken note and their product variety that was once miniscule is now extensive and impressive. Health food stores have become so popular that there are coast to coast chain stores now as well. Some are smaller and offer minimal food variety while boasting impressive health and beauty aisles while others are large and feature all of the products a standard grocery store would.

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Some popular products that have seen a rise in consumerism over the past few years include a charcoal teeth whitening powder in place of the chemical filled mass produced big brand name tooth pastes, coconut oil in lieu of many beauty products and essential oils. Coconut oil is a one-stop-shop when it comes to the usefulness it provides. It can be used in cooking to replace other traditional oils but it is also commonly used as carrier oil for essential oils, conditioner for hair, a lotion substitute for dry skin and can be combined with the powdered charcoal for a tooth brushing paste. Essential oils also have seen a rise in popularity due to their healing benefits and aromatherapy properties.

As big businesses begin to notice steady declines in their products they may eventually sway towards more natural and holistic products. These products do not utilize animal testing as a way to dub them safe for humans and they also eliminate the use gluten that would alienate a portion of the consumers who are inflicted by horrible gluten allergy diseases.