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The Plus Factors of Using Frameless Shower Doors

If you intend to set up a new shower glass door then you have two options with regards to its style, it could be framed shower doors or the ones that are frameless. The type of shower door that you are going to subscribed to will rely on your preferences as well as the style of the bathroom you have. For those who are fascinated with modern designs and styles for their bathroom then frameless shower doors is what you are looking for.

One of the features associated with this type of shower doors is a thick glass attached to the walls of the shower area that prevents water splash from escaping and drenching the other areas of your bathroom. The edge of these glass doors have no metal frame which makes it frameless. You can be assured that the glass are durable with a thickness that has a range between 1/2 and 3/8 inches. There are hinges used to make sure the door are in position and will not be moved. You have the option to make the glass clouded, etched with various patterns or you can simply go for transparent.

The first benefit that one can obtain from using this type of shower door is aesthetic appeal. Minimalist designs is the ones that are in trend these days since it exudes clean and elegant look, if you are up for this latest trend then frameless shower glass doors is perfect for you. Nothing beats the simplicity and elegance that frameless doors exude and so if you want to have such then you mute highly consider obtaining this one. Since you are simply using a clear glass you don’t have to feel problematic with matching the bathroom tiles or other types of flooring to your glass doors unlike those framed glass doors which requires you to match the framing colors perfectly to the type of flooring you have.
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Keep in mind that even if you will initially spend a little bit higher for the frameless doors but you will find out that this is by far more cost – efficient in the long run. Another plus factor of using this type of shower glass door is that it increases the market value of your home. When it comes to durability shower doors are four times more durable compared to framed door. There are several parts that comprises the framed door and so they are more prone to damage.
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The use of frameless shower doors doesn’t require complex maintenance services and it is easier to clean. The best way to keep them clean all the time is to clean them immediately right after you shower. It would be best if you will spray the shower with a cleanser or a mild cleaning agent. Afterwards you have to squeeze the cleanser until it reaches the bottom portion of the door.

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