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The Process Of Trademark Registration Every brand comes with an input of great efforts by the producer. The trademark is a name, sign or any other form of identification given to the product to distinguish it from other similar products from competitors. The product consumers, therefore, use the trademark designed to search for the product. The trademark selected must be unique in its own way a factor that is considered before registration. This is a basic requirement in registration that ensures there is no other product that bears the same product in the market. The trademark selected in this regard should depict the type of product and have ease in identification among other factors. Assistance to ensure a fulfilling process of trademark registration is essential and may be sought from the attorneys. This is however not a requirement by the registering agents but comes in handy to ensure the due process is followed to the letter. Attorneys who offer this service are fully trained lawyers with experience in handling registration processes hence expertise in offering the required guidance.
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To ensure uniqueness of the mark used in registration, there is need to undertake a thorough search of the name or the symbol used. The search takes place at the registering agent’s office taking into consideration comparison the registered trademarks against the desired one. A change of the trademark may be advised in the event there is evidence of a similar one having been registered for a different product.
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The fees applied in trademark registration vary between states. Where services of an attorney have been used, the cost is higher as the attorney fee is separate from the registration fee. Irrespective of the period for which the trademark will be in use, the fee applied is only at the time of registration. The process of registration takes time after the initial filing of the registration requirement. The applicant is therefore required to keep constant touch with the agency on regular updates on the state of the application. The follow-up process may be done through use of the platform provided by the agency or through assistance of the attorney. Products in the market are identified through use of the trademark used in its registration. Registration process is therefore of much importance to the product as well as the product owner alongside the projected consumers. Following the due process outlined by the registering agencies is the key approach to ensure this is done appropriately. Where necessary, there is need to seek guidance to ensure a smooth and convenient process.

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