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Finding a Reputable Landscape Contractor With all the landscaping companies today, how do you select the right one? Don’t worry, there are steps you can take to make the decision much easier for you. Below are tips for choosing landscaping contractor that is just right for your property. 1. Make sure the contractor offers the services you need.
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A common false impression is that all professional landscapers offer all the same services. Not true! You need to get a list of services offered by the company so you can compare it with your own checklist of needs. Common services offered include landscape design, construction, maintenance and enhancement; irrigation and lighting; and snow and ice management.
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2. Do they employ sustainable practices? Are you in search of a company that will help you transform your landscape into something sustainable? If so, you are unquestionably moving in the right path for your property. The landscaping company you pick must have sustainability at the forefront of all work they do, from their choice of plants and materials to their water management plans. Here are questions you should ask prospective contractors to know if they can create a sustainable landscape: > Who provides their plants and supplies? > Do they make use of native plants? > What changes may be made to help you save cash and resources? > Can they propose organic programs that may actually be effective for your property? > Do they recycle fallen branches, clippings and other yard waste? > What lighting and irrigation efficiency programs do they have to offer? 3. Know the company’s qualifications. You can save yourself a lot of headaches by doing some research as you begin the vetting process. Visit the contractor’s website, ask them for client references, and ask for information directly. Here are some of the best questions: > Do they hold certifications and proper licensing for the services they provide? > If so, can they show you proof? > What industry qualifications does the contractor have? > Are they insured and how much are they covered for? > Is the company properly equipped with tools, machines and manpower to handle your job? > What industry or professional associations do they belong to? > Do they perform all services internally, or do they hire subcontractors? 5. Request client references. When hiring a professional landscaping company, you need to know how your property will look like in their care. Besides asking for photo references of past jobs, it’s a wise idea to check out sites that are currently being serviced by the company you are eyeing. Talk to the homeowners and ask them questions about the contractor’s work quality, timeliness, plant materials, how hard or easy it is to reach the contractor, and how they generally feel about the job that the contractor has done.

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