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Three Ways Of Keeping Pests Away From Your Home.

One thing we can agree on is that pests are a nuisance in any home. You may keep trying to get rid of them over and over unsuccessfully. It is something most people struggle with to be able to keep pests out of their homes for good. Here are tips that you can use to this effect.

Cinnamon is disliked by pests. What you can do to keep them off is to sprinkle some cinnamon at the entrance where they come in from. Sprinkle it in sandboxes and litter bins and even in garbage cans and this will deter the entry of bugs from your house. The pests will keep away from any cinnamon because they just cannot stand it.

The sure thing to do is to ensure that your home is as clean as possible so that the pests will have nothing to attract them. This is one way that will assure you of keeping your home free of pests. Dirty utensils and kitchen surfaces are an attraction to pests because of the food crumbs that they find there, to make sure that they don’t come you need to ensure that there is nothing to come home to. Keeping a clean house and airing it often is a surefire way of keeping all rodents and pests away from your house.

There is a repellent that most people don’t know about and that is onion and it does work very effectively. It is very simple, the only thing you need to do is slicing your onions, soak them and no insect will dare come close. It is very important to know using onions is an alternative to using chemicals. You can even plant onions in your garden and in your flower pots to assist in keeping away pests.

Use unscented toiletries in your house. It may sound boring but the logic behind this is very simple and works. Have you ever known that bugs are attracted to flowers and flowers produce flowery scents? If you stop using the same, change will be experienced at your house.
Also keep your house in great order. Check for cracks around the house or holes in the walls or roof and have the same repaired. Ensure this is done regularly and you shall have gotten rid of rodents and bugs in a major way. Windows that are not sealed acts as an entrance of this small insects. This one way is very efficient in eradication of pests from your home.

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